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Slammerz Fork Lowering Kit for Honda

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Slammerz Fork Lowering System

"Just throw 'em in, and slam it down"

Shorten your forks the new and easy way with SLAMMERZ by Trac Dynamics. These bolt in cartridge assemblies directly replace the stock internals of your forks and install in minutes with no special tools required! SLAMMERZ are built "in house" at Trac Dynamics and are set up specifically for each model giving you a perfect ride every time. So throw away those dangerous lowering tie-down straps and lower the front of your bike the right way!

  • SLAMMERZ are available in (2 inch) or (3 inch) lowering versions.
  • DO IT YOURSELF! install your own SLAMMERZ in minutes!
  • Retain your stock cartridge assemblies and re-install them at any time.
  • SLAMMERZ limit your travel to 1.5 inches, so you never worry about bodywork damage.
  • Perfect for drag racing or custom street use.
  • No need to ship your forks across the country!

NOTE! Actual lowering amounts can vary between bike models do to fork design.

* 3 inch drop SLAMMER installed

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