How It's Made

Since 1984, Trac Dynamics has been setting the world wide standard in custom swingarm manufacturing. Here at Trac we build more aftermarket swingarms than anyone on the planet, and for for three good reasons: Quality, Performance, Value. Our quality begins in the manufacturing process. All arms are made "in house" at our facility using our exclusive bridged extruded aluminum alloy material along with precision cnc machined billet components. These parts are then hand fit and assembled using the most technically advanced welding system available today. The performance of our products are legendary, since the mid 80's racers around the world have trusted the name "Trac Dynamics" to give them the advantage they need to perform at the top level of their sport. Our value speaks for itself, when you make an investment in the customizing of your motorcycle, rest assured you are getting the most for your money. Here at Trac our Swingarms are built to stand the test of time, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. So scroll down and see how it's done!

The process of building a Trac Dynamics swingarm begins by cutting and machining our exclusive bridged, extruded 6061-T6 rectangular tubing. This special extrusion was designed by Trac Dynamics and is produced in mill runs of 2000 feet at a time.


Select pieces are cut to size and then CNC machined to ensure precision sizing and fitment.


All billet components, including swingarm ends, front pivot tubes, shock mounts and adjusters are manufactured "in house" on our vertical CNC milling machines. 


Completed billet components are cleaned and ready for welding.


Due to the thickness of the material, the billet swingarm ends are pre-heated to over 450 degrees before welding. This process insures a deep penetrating weld for ultimate strength and years of service.


Completed swingarm sides are then machined to fit the specific tube size of the front section of each specific bike model.


Once the sides are completed, it's time to start the construction process. The individual components are placed in a jig fixture and set to precise measurements. Almost every arm we build is different in some way and custom made to each customers specific requirements. Many factors are taken into consideration during this stage of the process; Swingarm width, tire size, length, shock position, and many other specifications.


At Trac Dynamics, we use only the highest quality welding equipment. The MILLER AERO-WAVE machines are the most sophisticated welders ever produced. We have 4 of them. The ability to control positive amperage, negative amperage, AC wave shape, and frequency gives us bragging rights to the highest quality and best looking welds in the industry! 


Once all main components are placed in the fixture, the welding process can begin. Precise welding is a trademark of Trac Dynamics. 


After we remove the arm from the fixture, all required mounts and accessories are welded in place.


Once completed, the arm is cooled and checked for proper measurements, bearing fit and overall condition. 


Once the arm passes inspection, it is cleaned and prepped for either bare, chrome, powdercoat or show polished finish.


Here it is, the final product! When we receive an arm back from outside processing, it's time for final prepping and the assembly process. Chain sliders, adjuster bolts, and axle components are set in place and the arm is cleared for shipping!


Here at Trac, we've been building swingarms for over 30 years! Pride is taken with each and every one of the thousands of arms we've built. Just like it was back in 1984, every swingarm is a "special order" item and built specifically for our valued customers. We've come along way in 30 years, but our obsession with quality will never change.