RK 530XSO-Z1 Chain

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RK 530XSO-Z1 Chain

The RK 530XSO-Z1 is a great choice if you are looking for a quality chain at a good price. The XSO has more than enough strength to handle your Busa, GSXR, or ZX-14 under all normal riding conditions. For aggressive riders or drag-racing we Recommend our EK ZVX-2 line of Chain.

*All RK XSO-Z1 Chains are standard "metal" color

*RK 530XSO-Z1 Tensile strength is 9200 lbs.

*For 4 inch over arms, use 130 length chain

*For 6 and 8 inch over arms, use 140 length chain

*For 10 and 12 inch over arms, use 152 length chain

*For Twin-Drive arms use 1, 102 and 1, 110 length chains

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